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● TJCC Community praying on First Anniversary of the March 11th Japanese Earthquake

The monthly TJCC gathering coincided with this First Anniversary. Mass was celebrated by Redemptorist Fr. Yoshiyuki Hagihara who is on a 6-week stay from Tokyo to study ESL. Read the article by Michael Swan of the Catholic Register including special prayers for the victims of the disaster.

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Fr. Yoshiyuki Hagihara celebrating Japanese mass, assisted by Fr. Tom o'Toole (left) and Fr. John Carten on the First Anniversary of the March 11th Japan Disaster

Redemptorist Fr. Hagihara giving good homily (both photos courtesy of Catholic Register)

● 50th Anniversary of Vatican II - Magazine welcomes comments

Scarboro Missions magazine has published a special issue marking this Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII in 1962. All articles in this Jan-Feb 2012 issue are now posted on the SFM website - read magazine. One can easily leave commentary and dialogue at the end of each article in this Vatican II issue.

● CRASH Japan talk by Jonathan Wilson held on Feb. 20

The president of CRASH Japan gave an inspiring talk to about 50 attendees at the Grace Toronto Japanese Church (CRASH is Christian Relief Assistance Support Hope) - www.crashjapan.com. He spoke about how the Christian volunteers were among the earliest ones after last year's earthquake-tsunami - they are still there to give hope as other relief volunteers go home.

CRASH Japan's Jonathan Wilson addresses good turnout

From left are Emiko (Crash volunteer), Levi Velasco (Crash Donor Relations Coordinator), Luke Elliot (OMF missionary to Japan) with daughter, speaker Jonathan Wilson, Pastor Masato Murai of Grace Church, Roy Sakaguchi of TJCC and Rev. Peter Chan of Grace to Chinese International

● Cardinal Thomas Collins receives his red hat

Archbishop Collins became the 4th Cardinal in the 110-year history of the Archdiocese of Toronto in St. Peter's Basilica with 21 other Cardinals. There are now three cardinals from Canada - Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, Archbishop of Montreal and Cardinal Marc Ouellet, former Archbishop of Quebec City, now in a high Vatican post. Read and see videos

The Making of a Cardinal: the Catholic Register has posted online - a 44-page supplement. Click the link above and click "Expand" to open this 44-page presented in a “newspaper” type format.

● Pope Clears Way for Kateri Tekakwitha's Canonization

Canada’s first aboriginal saint is to be canonized perhaps as early as Spring 2012. For full details and story read Catholic Register article

● TJCC Christmas Potluck Dinner and Party held on Dec. 11th

The social highlight for our Community was enjoyed by members and guests (including young priests studying ESL and staying at SFM) - four from Korea and two from Colombia. So the Christmas carol singing went international - English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. More pictures plus two videos are posted in our Photo Gallery.

Look at all the nice dishes that members brought

Colombian Fr. Andres Guiterrez (left), Etsumi, little Ryan and Fr. Carten. Fr. Andres worked hard all evening playing the keyboard for the Christmas carols

TJCC member Mrs. Kim (far right) is joining the four young Korean priests using their iPhones to get the Korean lyrics to sing the Christmas carols - how high tech!

● Joy of Christmas Concert held at Japanese Gospel Church on Dec 3

A good turnout of more than 300 attended this annual Concert organized by the Renrakukai (assoc. of Toronto Japanese Christian Churches) - as an outreach of Christian message to the Japanese Community including the numerous youth who come from Japan for home stay to study ESL. Many pictures are posted here

Bilingual hosts Izumi Yamagata and Frank Nakashima

The large choir from one of the church participants, Seventh-day Adventist Church

● Luke Elliot talked about serving Christ in post-Tsunami Japan on Nov. 27

The OMF missionary Luke Elliot gave an inspiring talk at the Japanese Gospel Church. Luke and his Japanese wife Yuko are OMF appointees to Japan (OMF is the Overseas Missionary Fellowship that brings the gospel to 12 East Asian countries - www.omf.org. Luke spoke about the current efforts to help the many affected by the March earthquake-tsunami. Read the text of his talk. Read his blog about his background and work at http://elliotexpress.blogspot.com/

Luke Elliot speaking about Christian population in the earthquake-affected areas

From left is Pastor Haruo Sato of the Japanese Gospel Church, Luke Elliot and Pastor Masato Murai of the Grace Toronto Japanese Church

● Fr. Meehan graduates from Regis College (again!) - Nov. 19

Our TJCC alumni member, Fr. John Meehan, graduated with his "Masters of Theology" and a diploma in "Licentiate in Sacred Theology". It was also an important day for Regis College with the installation of their new President, Fr. Jack Costello.

Fr. Meehan is joined by his brother Anthony (left) and his mother Grace and a friend

Fr. Meehan with the new President of Regis College, Fr. Jack Costello (right)

● Fr. Ichioka's dinner meeting and talk in Toronto - Nov. 9

Fr. Yukitoshi Ichioka returned to Toronto after leaving in March 2008. During his short stay, he made time to meet with some TJCC members, followed by a Powerpoint presentation about the Japan earthquake-tsunami and current relief efforts....Fr. Ichioka had spent 3 years at SFM while working on his Master's at Regis College. Since his return to his Yokohama Diocese, he has been pastor of two parishes, Iwata Catholic Church www.iwata-catholic.jp and the Kakegawa Church http://kakegawachurch.blog16.fc2.com/

Fr. Ichioka gave Powerpoint presentation about the Japan earthquake & tsunami

The audience was made up of TJCC members and SFM priests and young priests/seminarians from abroad staying at SFM

Members of the TJCC Community who came to meet and listen to Fr. Ichioka's talk

● Pastor Yoshida retired after 31 years at Wesley Chapel on Nov. 6th

A large wonderful retirement party was held for Pastor Edward and Mrs. Yoko Yoshida. Representing our Catholic Community, Roy & Etsumi Sakaguchi attended this happy occasion.

Pastor and Mrs. Yoshida ready to cut their large retirement cake

Picture of large retirement party

● Large turnout at Pastor Ray Ebisuzaki's Funeral on Oct. 15

Hundreds attended the funeral of the pastor of the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto (JGCT) - English Service. Pastor Ray was very recently diagnosed with cancer which had spread already. Rev. Kevin Ueta, Youth Pastor of JGCT was the emcee and Rev. Haruo Sato, pastor of the Japanese Service at JGCT, was the main speaker and eulogist. Their youth group sang uplifting hymns to celebrate the life of Pastor Ray. Hia parents came from London, Ontario (where he will be buried) as well as his two brothers. More info is on their church website - www.jgct.com

Pastor Ray Ebisuzaki (right) and Pastor Haruo Sato at their church's 50th Anniversary on Oct. 23, 2010

Our TJCC community mourns the loss of the 53-yr old pastor who did so much for his church and through the Renrakukai (assoc. of Japanese Christian Churches). Please rememberin your prayers Pastor Ray and his wife Minako and their two young children (9 and 7 years).

● Visit by Totsuka parishioners at Monthly Mass on Oct. 9th

A group of 12 parishioners from the Totsuka Church in Yokohama visited SFM during their cross-Canada tour. Their former pastor, Fr. John Carten, welcomed them to Toronto on Oct. 7th. They visited Niagara Falls and toured Toronto before joining our Community for our monthly Mass and Thanksgiving dinner – during a beautiful fall weather for the long weekend. Fr. John accompanied them for a bus tour of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City enjoying the lovely fall colours - before they flew west to the Canadian Rockies. Two pictures below but more are posted in our Photo Album.

Parishioners from Totsuka Church joined our Community for monthly TJCC mass with Fr. John Carten and Fr. Tom O’Toole

The Totsuka parishioners also joined us for Thanksgiving dinner in the SFM Dining Room

● More Info about using new Roman Missal - starting in Advent (Nov. 27)

Changes are coming to the way we celebrate Mass. Although this is mainly for English mass, it’s still useful for all of us to know about these changes. Beginning with the start of Advent (new Church year), the Mass will undergo its biggest change since Vatican II. There is a lot of useful information about this Third Edition of the Roman Missal in the Archdiocesan website - www.archtoronto.org/romanmissal/:

● Cheque from "Japanese Mothers" to Canadian Red Cross for Japan Appeal

The Group of Japanese Mothers presented a cheque on Sept. 20th for $13,394.70 to the Canadian Red Cross - raised from three events in March, May and August. The Japanese Mothers include the Urara Minbu-kai who danced for the Onigiri fund-raising in August. They also danced at the Sakura Planting Ceremony at Scarboro Missions in June. Both events can be found below in this News section. To read thank-you letter from the Red Cross, click here

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On behalf of the Group of Japanese Mothers, Sonoe Howard (centre) presented cheque to Stephanie Etkin of the Canadian Red Cross (right) with Jim Kotsifas in front of his Church of the Redeemer left

Canadian Red Cross Plaque presented to the Japanese Mothers

● Farewell to Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic

An overflow crowd attended the Aug. 31st funeral of Cardinal Ambrozic at St. Michael's Cathedral presided by Archbishop Thomas Collins. A bishop for 35 years, he was the 9th archbishop of Toronto for 16 years. Read more plus his life in pictures

An interesting Register article by Fr. Raymond de Souza about three retired archbishops (of Kingston, Halifax and Toronto) who passed away in recent weeks - read more

● Onigiri Event at Church of Redeemer held on Aug. 15 (Mon)

The third "Onigiri" fund-raising was held in front of the Church of the Redeemer at Avenue Road and Bloor Street - in support of the Japan Earthquake Relief. The Toronto Japanese Mothers and the Urara Minbu-Kai group also provided Bon Odori dance, complemented with drumming by the Yakudo group.

Besides selling onigiri (rice balls) on far table, T-shirts of the Onigiri event as well as "United to bring Hope" were sold on the near table"

Members of the Urara Minbu Kai entertained with Bon Odori several times during the day (sometimes under the hot sun)"

● Hiroshima Day at Downtown Church held on August 6th

There was a good turnout for another hot afternoon to mark the 66th Memorial of Hiroshima Day - held at the Church of the Holy Trinity (just behind Eaton Centre). Musical entertainment was provided by flautist Ron Korb and the Yakudo Japanese Drummers. Speakers included the retired Archbishop Michael Peers of the Anglican Church and retired United Church minister, Rev. Seiichi Ariga, author of "They Touched my Heart".

Retired United Church minister, Rev. Seiichi Ariga with MC Phyllis Creighton at back (dress blending in with the colourful paper cranes)

The well-known Yakudo Traditional Japanese Drummers

● Technical talk of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - held on August 3rd

You may be saturated with numerous talks about the Japan triple disaster but this one was a very technical talk given by Prof. John Luxat of McMaster University. About 400 people attended this talk. With the $10.00 admission, about $4,000 was raised and donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Foundation. The technical presenation can be seen in this PowerPoint presentation

● Community BBQ held on July 9

We were blessed with wonderful weather on Saturday compared to hot days that followed. Thanks to everyone who attended and brought many tasty dishes to the Potluck BBQ at Roy-Etsumi's condo. Three pictures are shown below but many more are posted in our Photo Gallery (left menu).The party’s highlight was a joint 70th birthday celebration for three members – Ayako Keogh (in April), Anthony Liliefeldt (one week later on July 16th) and Roy in September. But it was a real birthday on that July 9th for chaplain Fr. Jim Gauthier as he turned a young 69 years!

Ladies' table at Community BBQ - with another table at back

Young members at this table - with another (younger) table at back

Celebrating a joint 70th Birthday Party (at right, Roy, Ayako and Anthony). At left is Fr. Jim Gauthier celebrating his 69th birthday that very day

● Sakura Planting Ceremony at Scarboro Missions on June 12, 2011

A memorable day took place to celebrate the donation of 15 sakura trees to Scarboro Missions from the Sakura Project. Started in 1990, its objective is to promote friendship between Japan and Canada by planting 3,000 flowering cherry blossom trees in public places throughout Ontario. Scarboro Missions received these trees in recognition of some 40 of their priests who served many years in Japan and their continuing support of the Toronto Japanese Catholic Community.

Mr. Masaya Otsuka, Director of the Japan Information Centre represented the Consul-General whose office coordinates these donations. He spoke of the flowering of the sakura in Japan being significant this year – to encourage the victims of the terrible earthquake-tsunami that life can go on and recover just as the sakura blooms each spring even after a long winter. After the speeches, ceremonial planting and plaque unveiling, entertainment was provided by a new dance group Urara Minbu-kai with nine ladies.

Besides the pictures below, many more picturesare posted in our Photo Gallery, including videos of three dances.

See video of whole Ceremony taken by TJCC member Anthony Liliefeldt. It's separated into four parts - Welcome & National Anthems, Opening Address & Speeches, Planting & Prayer and Bon Odori.

Mr. Masaya Otsuka, Director of Japan Information Centre, Consul-General of Japan gives his address for the Sakura Planting Ceremony at Scarboro Missions on June 12, 2011

Unveiling of the plaque by Fr. John Carten of Scarboro Missions and Mrs. Mariko Liliefeldt of the TJCC Community who made the initial suggestion to request for these trees. At the back are Fr. Tom O'Toole, Chaplain Emeritus for TJCC Community, Mr. Masaya Otsuka and Roy Sakaguchi, chair of TJCC - those three persons did the ceremonial planting.

The nine members of the Urara Minbu-kai dance group pose with Fr. John Carten before Ceremony started in front of the main entrance to the Scarboro Missions

● Baby daughter of Community member baptized on May 29

A joyous occasion was the baptism of Jasmine Asumi at St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel of Newman Centre in Toronto. Her parents, Johnson and Ayaka Kong, are members of that parish but also belong to the TJCC Community. The baptism was more meaningful to the family as it was done by Fr. John Meehan, a former member of TJCC himself, before he was ordained in June 2010. Two pictures are shown here but many more are posted in our Photo Gallery (Left menu).

Fr. John Meehan baptizes Jasmine at Newman College

Five members of TJCC attended this happy occasion. Ayaka's father stands beside her. Johnson's father also attended (but not in this picture)

● Stations of the Cross for the Healing of Japan

Although Lent and Easter is over now, this special Stations of the Cross has special meaning for the many who are still suffering in Japan. Sr. Michele Vincent Fisher, cfsn, with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth has customized the words of the Stations with iconic images from the Japan Disaster to produce this very touching presentation Stations of the Cross for Japan. Don't miss the special words in the Introduction (in italics).

Japan Relief Concert at Japanese United Church on April 3

This was a concert from three congregations - Toronto Japanese United Church (TJUC), Centennial-Japanese United Church and the Lansing United Church. Held at their common church at 49 Bogert Avenue (Yonge/Sheppard area), there were numerous musical performances from sacred hymns to popular pieces.

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Combined choir from three congregations - Toronto Japanese United Church, Centennial-Japanese United church and Lansing United Church

Handbell Choir playing two pieces. At very left is Ai Matsuzono, representative of the Toronto Japanese United Church, member church of the Renrakukai

Japanese-Chinese Prayer Meeting for Japan Relief held on March 27

A large crowd of over 400 gathered at the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto to pray for those who died and those suffering after the March 11th earthquake-tsunami. It was organized by the GTA Japanese (Renrakukai) and Chinese churches with a 3-language presentation. A young lay missioner Luke Elliot gave an inspiring bilingual presentation of his missionary parents' current work in restoring damaged churches. Read more about Luke and wife Yuko's strong faith and work http://elliotexpress.blogspot.com. A collection was taken up for sending to Japan through OMF International (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) - www.omf.org/canada/. See more pictures in our Photo Gallery via Picasa (Left menu)

Click on any picture to get Enlarged View and click "Close" to return to same page

Young group provided uplifting singing with live music

Luke Elliot (left) gave English-Japanese presentation of current work restoring churches damaged by earthquake-tsunami with emcee Rev. Peter Chan translating for Chinese audience

● Toronto's Japanese Catholics prayed for earthquake-tsunami victims at their March 13th gathering

The monthly gathering at the Scarboro Missions was used as an early occasion to pray together for families, friends and everyone affected in Japan. Money collected at mass was sent to the Canadian Red Cross. Read full article in Catholic Register

TJCC gathering of March 13, just two days after 9.0 earthquake & tsunami. Fr. John Carten giving homily and celebrant Fr. Tom O'Toole seated at right

At mass, Yuka Okada and Kumiko Gonzalez with son Jessy at back

● Montreal's Japanese Catholic Community has new chaplain and new website

The Montreal St. Paul-Ibaraki Japanese Catholic Mission started in December 1963 (named after St. Paul Ibaraki, one of the 26 Japanese Martyrs). As their previous chaplain, Jesuit Fr. Asakawa, is now chaplain at a Montreal hospital, the Community's new chaplain is Fr. Dupont of the Quebec Foreign Mission (PME) who used to be their chaplain 40 years earlier. The Community's new website is http://web.me.com/sanaesan/St-Paul-Ibaraki-Mission/

Montreal's St. Paul-Ibaraki Mission at their Sept/10 gathering for farewell to previous chaplain Fr. Asakawa (seated second row near centre). Their chairperson, Nobuharu Yamaguchi is standing at right (blue vest) and his wife is standing back row near left. Former TJCC member, Sr. Luisa Harada is seated in second row near centre

● Large turnout for our Christmas mass and Party on Dec. 12th

After the 4 pm mass, a tasty potluck dinner and party was enjoyed by about 30 members and guests plus 10 SFM priests/staff. We were blessed to also have three new young couples plus another Japanese family on business assignment. Two photos are shown below but many more pictures plus videos are posted on our Community's e-Album - go to our Photo Gallery for link.

TJCC group photo after the 4 pm mass

Potluck dinner including some ordered sushi dishes

● Bishop Vincent Nguyen delivered inspiring address at Scarboro Missions on October 31st

The first Catholic Bishop of Asian descent in Canada gave an inspiring talk entitled "Spiritual Journey - from a Boat Refugee to a Catholic Bishop in Canada". There was a large turnout estimated at about 130 at Scarboro Missions. This event was organized by the Renrakukai (a group of 8 Toronto Japanese Christian Churches), including our Toronto Japanese Catholic Community.

Ordained in January 2010, the new Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdicoese of Toronto spoke about his martyred Vietnamese great-great-grandfather and his own early desire to become a priest. Also about his difficult escape from Vietnam in 1983, his small boat being attacked by pirates and his 18 months spent in a refugee camp in Japan before arriving in Canada.

The following resources are available from the Bishop's talk:

● Brother Andre of Montreal canonized in Rome on Oct. 17

There was much media coverage of this special event for Catholics throughout Canada but especially in Montreal. But for the Catholic perspective, here are two links from the Catholic Register:

● Born as Andre Bessette in 1845 near Montreal, he joined the Congregation of the Holy Cross in 1870. He had a dream to build a shrine to his beloved St. Joseph. Started as a small chapel in 1904, construction began in 1924 for the famous St. Joseph's Oratory that was completed in 1967, well after his death in 1937. Beatified in 1982, Brother Andre is only the second native-born (and first male) Canadian to be canonized. The first was St. Marie-Marguerite d'Youville (1701-1771) who founded the religious order of the Grey Nuns of Montreal.

"Covering the Vatican and the Church" - John Allen’s lecture held on Sept. 28th

If you could not attend the very interesting talk by the Vatican correspondent at St. Michael's College, the text of his talk is available on the Salt & Light website http://saltandlighttv.org/blog/?p=16387. He is a dynamic speaker providing a good perspective of the Vatican, with numerous papal stories and jokes.

● Hiroshima Day held at Toronto's Peace Garden - Aug. 6

On this 65th Anniversary, the largest Hiroshima Day Event in Canada was held with 14 speakers and performers including Joe Ohori, hibakusha (atomic bombing survivor), MP Bob Rae, Yakudo Drummers and others. More info at www.hiroshimadaycoalition.ca

Joe Ohori, hibakushi (atomic bombing survivor) reading the City of Hiroshima's proclamation

Yakudo Drummers performing at the Toronto Peace Garden (right) in Nathan Phillips Square

● Fr. John Meehan's first Japanese mass - June 13, 2010

It was a wonderful day as newly-ordained Fr. John Meehan celebrated his first Japanese mass for our TJCC Community. Numerous guests including his parents from Nova Scotia and other long-time friends attended our monthly gathering and celebration dinner...Also read interesting article about his vocation in the latest Catholic Register "L'Arche experience leads Jesuit to priesthood".

Fr. John Meehan celebrating his first Japanese mass, assisted by Fr. John Carten and Fr. Tom O'Toole

Meehan first Japanese mass

TJCC Community group picture with numerous guests to attend Fr. John Meehan's first mass at Scarboro Missions

● Jesuit John Meehan's Ordination - June 5th

A long-time member of our Community, Deacon John Meehan, was ordained a Jesuit priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Toronto. A good number of our members attended this special event presided by Jesuit Archbishop Prendergast. A large reception followed the 10 am ordination on the grounds at the Jesuit church.

Two newly-ordained Jesuit priests, Teo Ugaban (left) and John Meehan with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, Archbishop of Ottawa

Meehan ordination

Many TJCC members with Fr. John Meehan, including Ayako Nishi-Naud from Montreal (second from left in front row)

● SFM Fr. Alex McDonald passed away June 4th

Scarboro Missioner Fr. Alex McDonald passed away peacefully at Centenary Hospital in Scarborough. The 83-year Fr. Alex was one of the four chaplains of our Community since 2004 when he retired after serving an amazing 52 years in Japan. His funeral will be on June 8th at 10:30 am in the SFM chapel, followed by burial in the Queen of Clergy Cemetery (in St. Augustine's seminary next door).

Fr. McDonald

Fr. Alex McDonald: 1927 - 2010


(Full Story continued in second column)

● Tokyo Chapter of TJCC gathering/mass on May 9th

Three local families in the Tokyo-Yokohama area gathered for mass at St. Ignacio Church Sophia University - on the same day as the Toronto gathering. The Takakura, Sakurai and Eto families met with Etsumi visiting from Toronto for mass and lunch. It's good to see Mr. Takakura in the picture below - he is much thinner than before but slowly recovering from his recent serious illness.

Mr & Mrs Takakura, Etsumi, Karina & Wilson with daughter and Junko Sakurai

Tokyo Chapter gathering

Junko Sakurai with daughter Yuko, Karina's daughter and Etsumi ready for Italian lunch

● First Communion for Kobayashi's grandson Max on May 2nd

The oldest child Max of the four recently-baptized Kobayashi grandchildren made his First Communion at St. Mary Immaculate Church in Richmond Hill.

First Communion

A collage of pictures of grandson Max making his First Communion (with parents in middle photo)

● Sakura Project at Japanese Gospel Church

Ceremonies for the "Sakura Tree Planting" and "Unveiling the Plaque" took place on April 17th. About 50 people attended including the Consul-General of Japan in Toronto, Tetsuo Yamashita. The 30 sakura trees were planted already around their church property. The 20-min ceremony held outdoor on a very cold morning was followed by a warm reception inside.


The Consul-General of Japan, Tetsuo Yamashita, speaking at Sakura Project

Sakura Project

Symbolic Sakura Tree Planting. At left are Pastor Ray Ebisuzaki (English service) and Pastor Haruo Sato (Japanese service). The Plaque reads: "This Sakura tree is one of 30 Japanese flowering cherry trees donated to the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto by the Sakura Project. Planted by the Chair of the Sakura Committee, Mr. Tetsuo Yamashita, Consul-General of Japan in Toronto. Sakura trees represent friendship and goodwill between Japan and Canada. April 2010"

● Kobayashi family at April 13th TJCC mass/gathering

Our Community was delighted to welcome the large Kobayashi family to mass and dinner - grandparents Bill and Addie, parents Carl and Cass with their four recently-baptized children, ages 8 to almost 2. See their baptism story below.

Kobayashi family

Kobayashi family of 8 with TJCC members - parents & grandmother in front row with chaplains (grandfather standing at right)

● Virtual Tour of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (and other major sites)

Take a panoramic tour of one of the oldest and holiest churches of the Christians built around 335 AD - click here. Useful info is in the 3 corners - General info, different areas to view and "controls" for different perspectives....To see more fantastic tours from the other two major religions - the Jewish "Wailing Wall" and Islam's "Al Aqsa Mosque", www.360tr.com/kudus/

● Baptism of 4 Grandchildren of Former TJCC Members

Four grandchildren of former Community members Bill & Addie Kobayashi were baptized at St. Luke's Church in Thornhill on Feb. 14th. This was arranged by Fr. John Carten who helps monthly at St. Luke's. Pastor Fr. Bill Burns has warmly welcomed the three generations of the Kobayashi family. The picture below shows the 4 children (7 to 1.5 yrs) of Carl Visentin & Cass Kobayashi (left). Our Community wishes God's special blessings on their four baptized children.


Baptism of Kobayashi grandchildren on Feb. 14 (Kobayashi grandparents Bill is at right and Addie at centre). See different picture on Japanese side

● Tour of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome

After you connect to this Vatican website, select an area on left side. Hold down the left mouse button and slowly move around the room. Your can zoom with the plus/minus button at the lower left or with your mouse. This Basilica is dedicated to John the Baptist & John the Evangelist and is the first among the four major basilicas of Rome. It is also the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. More info

● Remembering TJCC's founder Fr. Bill Schultz

The Jan/Feb 2010 issue of the SFM magazine features an article about Fr. Bill Schultz who founded our Community in 1979 after spending many years in Japan. He was only with us about one year before he was assigned to mission work in Peru. Read article in SFM magazine

● Ordination of Bishop Vincent Nguyen - Jan. 13, 2010

The ordination of Canada's first Roman Catholic Bishop of Asian descent took place at St. Michael's Cathedral. Nearly 1000 invited guests attended, including family and friends, 30 bishops and 200+ priests of the Archdiocese. In his new role, 43-yr old Bishop Nguyen will serve the parishes of Scarborough and the Durham Region plus continue other duties. To see the many pictures and listen to Bishop Nguyen's first address as bishop, click on www.archtoronto.org/ordinations/index.htm


Bishop Vincent Nguyen giving his first address after being ordained bishop (Jan. 13, 2010)

● Cardinal Shirayanagi died Dec. 30, 2009

Retired Cardinal Seiichi Shirayanagi passed away at age 81. He was appointed as the Archbishop of Tokyo in 1970, elevated to cardinal in 1994 and resigned as archbishop in 2000. In November 2008, he was the main celebrant at the Beatification of the 188 Japanese Martyrs Read more info on this website. He also visited Scarboro Missions in October 2004 to personally thank the SFM Society for their earlier support of the church in Japan for many years.

Retired Cardinal Shirayanagi of Tokyo visiting SFM (Oct. 5/04)

● Deacon John Meehan and the Pope at 2009 Christmas Eve Mass

Our Community member, Jesuit Deacon John Meehan, was one of four deacons assisting Pope Benedict at the Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter's Basilica. John had been in Rome since September on a Research Fellowship at the Jesuit Historical Institute, doing studies in the early church in China. He is back in Toronto to complete his last year before his priest ordaination in June this year. John's picture appeared in the Jan. 24th issue of the Catholic Register - click here


John Meehan as deacon (left) assisting Pope


John meeting Pope

● Christmas potluck Dinner and Party (Dec. 13, 2009)

We had another enjoyable Christmas gathering, attended by many SFM priests/missioners, staff and students. Some 34 pictures and 7 videos are posted on our e-Album at Picasa Web - http://picasaweb.google.com/tjccphotos/. More info about using Picasa Web is on the Photo Gallery page (Left menu).


Christmas potluck dinner (Dec. 13, 2009)


Singing the JOC Concert hymn again (Dec. 13, 2009)

● TJCC Choir at JOC Concert (Nov. 28, 2009)

About 300 people attended this Joy of Christmas Concert held at the Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto. This annual concert is sponsored by the Renrakukai, an association of Toronto Japanese-Christian Churches. For our Community choir's debut, we were joined by several singer friends plus three Mexican seminarians going to Japan next spring for mission work.


TJCC choir at JOC Concert


Another view of TJCC choir

Videos and photos are posted on Picasa Web http://picasaweb.google.com/tjccphotos/. Listen and watch the first two videos of the Japanese hymns sung by our Community. Photos include numerous ones of our choir plus an overview of the other church choirs.

● Fr. Carten in Japan (Nov. 9 - 30, 2009)

div>On Nov. 23rd, Fr. John Carten attended the 50th Anniversary of the Takanawa parish in Tokyo, founded by the SFM. Former TJCC members, Sakurai-san also attended the mass celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Koda of Tokyo. He also placed ashes of Fr. Frank Hawkshaw (died in May/09) in the crypt of this Takanawa Church where he was pastor.

Fr. Carten at 50th Anniversary Mass celebrated by Bishop Koda of Tokyo. Below, with Sakurai-san (Nov. 23, 2009)


● Retreat by Sr. Miyama to Community members (Sept. 18-20, 2009)

A 3-day retreat was conducted by Sr. Atsuko Miyama during her 3-month trip to North America.


Just after end of Retreat conducted by Sr. Miyama (front right) (Sept. 20)

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● Beatification of Petrus Kibe and 187 Japanese Martyrs - Nov. 24, 2008

This beautiful ceremony was held on November 24, 2008 in Nagasaki. Retired Cardinal Shirayanagi presided and gave homily. There are various groups and individuals of martyrs but this particular group includes a large number of 187 Martyrs from 1603 to 1639 - martyrs from Yamaguchi, Arima, Kyoto, Kumamoto, Unzen, Yonezawa - plus Jesuit priest Fr. Petrus Kibe of Tokyo, martyred in 1639. More info about Martyrs of Japan at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyrs_of_Japan - scroll down to near the end to read about this group of 187 Martyrs.

Cardinal Shirayanagi honoured SFM and our Community with his visit in October 2004, leading a pilgrimage group from the Tokyo area (see picture). He con-celebrated mass with Fr. Frank Hawkshaw and Fr. Alex MacDonald both of whom he remembered from their years in Japan. In the mass and homily, he thanked the SFM Society for their continuous support of the church in Japan for many years.


Retired Cardinal Shirayanagi of Tokyo visiting SFM (Oct. 5/04)

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