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Who We Are

We are a small Catholic community of Japanese descent or related by marriage. Most members are permanent residents of Canada living in the Toronto area. But we welcome all visitors.

35th Anniversary

35th Anniversary of TJCC Community (June 14, 2014)

Purpose of Community

The purpose of this Community is to provide spiritual and mutual support in Japanese. Specifically, the purpose is three fold:

  • to be a support for Japanese Catholics who live in the Toronto area and encourage one another to be involved in their local parish community,
  • to be a support and source of hospitality for Japanese Catholics who come to spend a period of time in Canada,
  • to be a source of contact to introduce Japanese non-Christians to the Catholic Church.

We have monthly gatherings, normally
on the second Sunday of each month with a 4:00 pm Mass celebrated in Japanese at Scarboro Missions (see below). Mass is followed by dinner with an opportunity to socialize. On special occasions like Christmas, we have a
pot-luck dinner and party.

Association with OTHER CHURCHES

(a) Within Canada: we have an informal association with the Montreal Japanese Catholic Community (called St. Paul Ibaraki Japanese Catholic Mission). They are the only other Japanese Catholic community in Canada. Both of our communities are listed in the "Catholic Church Information Handbook", listing all Catholic churches in Japan as well as Catholic communities in overseas countries. It is published annually by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan - www.cbcj.catholic.jp .
The Montreal community also gathers monthly on the second Sunday of each month (like us) but with a 10:30 am mass. More information is available on their tri-lingual website http://web.me.com/sanaesan/St-Paul-Ibaraki-Mission/
In past years, we have held joint Japanese retreats in Toronto and Montreal. In 2004, some of our Community members travelled to Montreal to join their 40th Anniversary celebrations (some pictures are on their website).

Montreal Community Jan 2010

Montreal's St-Paul-Ibaraki Mission's mass on Jan. 10, 2010 (chairperson Yamaguchi-san standing at right and Sr. Harada close by)

40th Anniversary gathering

Montreal Community's 40th Anniversary (May 15, 2004) attended by four TJCC members - John Meehan, Roy & Etsumi Sakaguchi and Sr. Harada

Association with Scarboro Missions

Scarboro Missions (SFM) is a Canadian Catholic community of priests and lay people dedicated to global mission (www.scarboromissions.ca). Founded in Canada in 1918, they celebrated their 90th Anniversary in December 2008.

front sign

Mass in Japanese is celebrated by one or more of their priests who have worked many years in Japan as a missionary and are fluent in the language. In fact, we have been blessed to gather and attend Mass in Japanese continuously since 1979 - celebrating our own Community's 30th Anniversary in June 2009. Read more in History of our Community.

Currently, our Community is blessed to have three SFM chaplains - our fourth chaplain sadly passed away in June 2010. Read more about their background in the Biography of Chaplains. We have also been fortunate to occasionally have priests or nuns visiting from Japan or who have come to do spiritual studies and brush up on English.

We try to maintain a global network with former members who have moved to other regions of Canada (including Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal) or have returned to Japan.

Visit our Photo Gallery to get a pictorial history of various events during recent years.

Brochure of our Website

A bilingual 2-sided brochure in PDF format with a unique graphic design is available - click here


Association with OTHER CHURCHES (cont'd)

(b) Within Toronto Area: our Community belongs to the Renrakukai (Toronto Nikkei Inter-Church Council), an association of Japanese-Christian Churches in the Greater Toronto Area. There are currently 8 member churches, as listed below.
Several joint events are held during the year with the main one being the annual Joy of Christmas Concert held in late November. It's an evening of singing and prayers as we prepare for Christmas.This is also an outreach program to introduce Christanity to the Japanese population in the Toronto area, especially the younger group who may have had no contact with any religion.
Another joint event is the annual ecumenical Good Friday service with the same outreach purpose.
Roy Sakaguchi is representing our Catholic Community on the Renrakukai besides serving as Treasurer of the Renrakukai for the last several years.

Renrakukai member churches