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Community Photos online at Picasa Web

Many photos from the last few years can be found at the following link - http://picasaweb.google.com/tjccphotos/
(will open in a separate window).


Suggestions for Best Viewing of Picasa Web photos

It's straightforward to see the photos but here are some good suggestions to fully enjoy the photos.

  • Click on Picasa link - if it does not connect, copy the complete address to your Internet address box (note there is no "www").
  • click on any Album (event) to show thumbnails of all photos in that Album. Click on any thumbnail to show enlarged picture - but read next line first.
  • use Slideshow for best viewing with much larger photos. Click on Slideshow button at top. For full-screen picture, click on F11 key. Click F11 to return to normal viewing.
  • photo captions (explanations) are shown at the bottom of pictures - they can be switched on/off.
  • slideshow speed is set to advance every 4 secs (default) - but it can be increased or decreased.
  • better viewing control: suggest to use slideshow "manually". To do that, after starting slideshow, click on Pause button, then click on Forward arrow to move at your own speed. If controls near bottom disappear, moving mouse on photo will make them reappear.
  • to stop Slideshow at any time, click on "ESC" key (may need to click ESC more than once). This will take you back to the Album page.
  • to return to the list of different Albums, click on Roy's Public Gallery near the top of page.
  • some albums have short videos/movieswhich can be viewed like photos.